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Black Knight History - The Black Knights Fleet originated sometime in late 2396 or early 2397.  It was originally composed of the SuperChat Branch of FSG--the USS Excalibur, USS Lexington, Deep Space Twelve, USS Gryphon, and USS Aurora. The fleet lost its substance when the SuperChat Branch of FSG merged with the WSN (now RisaNet) Branch.  When political talks began on creating a new, democratic FSG, the fleet was disbanded and later Fleet Commander Admiral Michael Munn retired on September 6, 1997.

More recently, the fleet was reconstituted in October of 2397 by Fleet Captain Peleus, Captain Silk, and Captain Waugh with the USS Excalibur, USS Lexington, and USS Republic as charter members. With the approval of Admiral Harris, Fleet Captain Peleus was named Fleet Commander and the Black Knights took their place as a legitimate fleet in FSG. Later the USS Gryphon, Deep Space 12, USS Horizon, and USS Phantom.