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Rank Name Ship Position
Admiral Earl Taggart Starfleet Intel NPC
Admiral Tom Harris Deep Space 12 Commanding Officer
Admiral DeWolff USS Gryphon Commanding Officer
Admiral Michael Munn USS Horizon Commanding Officer
Fleet Captain Horatio Peleus USS Republic Commanding Officer
Captain Khelben Forge USS Phantom Commanding Officer
Captain Jason Reynolds USS Excalibur Commanding Officer
Captain Christian Waugh USS Lexington Commanding Officer

Honorary Members:

Rank Name Ship Position
Captain Silk Starfleet Academy Dean
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Hudson Deep Space 12 Security Officer/Special Operations
Commander Anita Chase USS Horizon Executive Officer
Commander Frankie Deep Space 12 Executive Officer
Commander Jason Redmond USS Lexington Executive Officer
Commander Sylvain Rixx USS Phantom Executive Officer
Commander Japp Starling USS Republic Chief Engineer
Commander Kevin Waugh USS Republic Executive Officer
Lieutenant Richard Stabler USS Lexington Honorary Science Officer


Admiral Earl Taggart is currently Chief of Starfleet Intelligence for the Alpha Quadrant. He has had a long and distinguished career in Starfleet, and is known throughout the Federation as an honest and fair man. His jovial disposition is unusual for those working in his field, and he has no problem making friends. Recently, his own sense of honor and integrity has forced him to call together the small, yet elite forces of the Black Knights Fleet in order to pursue justice and end rampant corruption. Even though, as a member of the intelligence community, he has seen unspeakable treachery, he still manages to maintain implicit trust in those officers who are members of the Black Knights. Admiral Taggart can most often be found in his office aboard Starbase 24; however, he still does a limited amount of field work.
Admiral Tom Harris
No image available Admiral DeWolff
Admiral Michael Munn is the commanding officer of the new USS Horizon, NCC 71196-A.  You may remember him best from his former command of the USS Excalibur before passing off the command to Captain Silk.  Michael had been in command for the Excalibur for close to two years and has just now assumed command of the Horizon.  Michael was also the former Fleet Commander of the Black Knights, which originated in early 2397.  An avid coffee lover, Michael spends his free time collecting exotic coffee beans from across the galaxy.
No image available Fleet Captain Horatio M. Peleus is Commanding Officer of the USS Republic-A, which was unfortunately destroyed recently. Construction of the USS Republic-B is proceeding. Part of his duties as a Fleet Captain also include intelligence work, which is how he developed his ties to Admiral Taggart. Captain Peleus is usually calm and rational, making him a commander of high caliber. Since he first took command of the Republic in 2396, she has been involved in several critical actions across the quadrant--most of them victories. If you ask Peleus about this, he'll modestly reply that it is due mostly to his excellent crew. Captain Peleus is almost always on the bridge or in his ready-room, but he has also done work as a field agent.
No image available Captain Khelben Forge
No image available Captain Jason Reynolds
Captain Christian Waugh