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49804.09 After a brief peroid of chaos during which the Horizon and Gryphon left the fleet, both have returned with Admiral Munn and Admiral DeWolff as Commanding Officers, respectively.

49711.05 With the addition of the USS Horizon and Captain DeWolff, the Black Knights become even stronger.

49710.27 The growth of the Black Knights Fleet continues with the very important addition of Deep Space 12 and its commanding officer, Admiral Tom Harris.

49710.24 The USS Gryphon under the command of Captain John Henes joins the Black Knights Fleet as a full member. Captain Henes is added to the roster of the Black Knights.

49710.21 The Black Knights are proud to admit the USS Phantom and her Commanding Officer, Captain Forge, as charter members. The organization and existance of the Black Knights Fleet was also announced on this day by Captain Silk.

49710.13 The Black Knights (and their home page, incidentally) are currently in the process of reorganization.  Currently, only three ships, the Republic, Lexington, and Excalibur are members; however, we have several prospects for expansion, as well as many sympathetic Captains throughout FSG.