The Prometheus is a truly unique class of ship. Her trapezoidal-shaped saucer and quad nacelles are not standard by any means, but what really separates this ship from other Starfleet vessels is the new multi-vector attack mode.

This potent three-pronged attack, coordinated by the most advanced tactical computers in Starfleet, can make quick work of most known enemy vessels.

The strength of this new tactical approach is the coordinated targeting system. Although the separated Prometheus is technically three separate modules, the computer system and subspace links among the vessels, modeled after captured Borg technology, unify the three sections' attacks. Although the vessel carries a full compliment of both quantum and photon torpedoes, it is most efficient at close range using phasers and phaser canons. Most specifications of the Prometheus remain classified. Presumably the plans will be released to the general public after the war.